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    Unable to pass an expression into the value attribute of <h:

    varshita bathina Newbie

      I am displaying various links from db using coomandLink tag,anf i want to know ""which link is clicked on" " by the user and depending on that clicked one i wanna display the corresponding details in a separate page.So here is the jsp snippet i am using:

      <%ApproveBean a = new ApproveBean();
      ArrayList categories = new ArrayList();
      categories = a.getCategories();%>
      <table align="center" styleClass="outputBlack">
      <%for (int i = 0; i < categories.size(); i++) {%>
      <tr bgcolor="#B0C4DE">
      <%ArrayList values = new ArrayList();
      values = a.getPendingList(String.valueOf(categories.get(i)));
      for (int j = 0; j < values.size(); j = j + 6) {
      String b = (String) values.get(j + 1);%>
      <td><h:commandLink action="#{approveBean.action}">
      <%=values.get(j + 1)%>
      <param name="var1" value="<%=values.get(j+1)%>" />

      can any one help me!!

      thanks in advance,