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    How to speed up WAR deployment?

    Jacek Furmankiewicz Newbie

      I created a basic EAR project in Netbeans that runs on JBoss 4.0.5 (I am on JDK 6.0, Win XP, Netbeans 5.5)

      I notice deploying the WAR file to JBoss takes FOREVER (good 30 seconds or more).

      Deploying the same basic WAR to Tomcat or Glassfish takes 1-3 seconds at mods.

      Is there something wrong in my configuration of JBoss? Is there any way to speed it up?

      I installed 4.0.5 with the EJB3 profile, since I want to start learning Seam. I have been unable to get Seam working reliably on Glassfish (one nightmare after another), so I finally decided to try running it off JBoss, but the WAR deployment time is seriously hurting my productivity.