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    configuring QA and prod context in same jboss instance

    david kuehner Newbie

      I have an app which uses both web and ejb components. I want to be able to run 2 versions of my app in the same jboss instance.

      I use an ear file which has been expanded. The plan is to just copy this ear directory to a second directory in the deploy directory and then make a few configuration changes. For instance I need to point the 2 contexts to different databases etc.

      We have solved the basic JNDI naming problem by creating a script to process the various xml files and add a suffix to the various ejb names etc.

      The problem is with the properties files. We can't seem to create a context specific properties object. If we use a singleton class to hold the properties, it will be global to jboss, not just to the context. Also the System.properties is global.

      My question is: Is there a context specific properties mechanism? I would have thought that I could just copy the deployed directory without too much work, but this is turning into a bigger problem than we realized.