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    Jboss connects to ibm.com on startup??

    Michael Neu Newbie

      Hello everyone!
      I just noticed a strange problem. Sometimes the jboss "hangs" when starting up whithout any error message or other sign. When researching the problem, I found out (through netstat), that my jboss briefly connects to a whole range of sites via http when starting up.. those sites include:

      Why did this cause a problem? When one of the sites (in this case www-128.southbury-swe.ibm.com) was not available for a period, jboss didnt continue the startup process but hung while obviously waiting for the site.

      So the question is: why in the world is it doing that? and how can I stop it from doing those connections??
      I have pretty much a standard install of jboss 4.0.2.. as far as I remember.. and I didnt disable anything.

      I hope someone can help me here!