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    Ear and War isolation, accessing EJB from War

    Sanjay Patel Newbie

      we are using Jboss 4.01.SP1 and having all EJB deployed as flat classloading, and having some war file with own class-loader, means in jboss-web.xml
      own class-loader defined.


      Now on these kind of plattform,without changing any setting we have to deploy some servvices(EJB) from external provider, who has also dependecy to external library like hibernate,jakarta-commons,...... . So external provider deliver us everything packed in EAR with own class-loader and java2ParentDelegation=false, as the same library with other version can be used on our plattform, but they need to look only in EAR file.

      Now if i want to access EJB of external provider, as far as is understood, i can access only with call-by-value, so need to change these (global)setting in ear-deployer.xml.

      Is it possible to call EJB without making any changes global setting of jboss ?
      How? Is it possible to change deployment order so that we can see classes of external provider EAR from our war, which has different class-loader?

      Thanks for suggestion