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    JBOOS installation

    Joe Bonanno Newbie

      Good day,

      After Ive install JBOSS with installation group "default", How can I change it into installation group to "all". And also how am I going to uninstall the previous in order for me to install the latest version. Tq



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          VisolveGroup Novice


          To uninstall the JBoss which is installed using JEMS Installer, just go to the directory where JBoss is installed. Let it be <JBOSS_HOME>.

          Find the directory called Uninstaller and run the uninstaller.jar file.
          If you are using Unix Platform do the following steps.

          1. Start the XWindow Manager.
          2. And execute the following commands.

          #export DISPLAY=<ur desktop system's ip-addr>:0
          #cd <JBOSS_HOME>/Uninstaller
          #java -jar uninstaller.jar

          You can now install jboss with "all" server configuration using JEMS Installer.