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    Configuring a new Virtual Host w/o restarting Jboss?

    Eternal Phoenix Newbie

      Hello All, I was hoping that someone here could answer a simple question for me.

      I have no problem configuring a virtual host in JBoss 4.04 and deploying my applicaiton to that vHost.

      But my question is that I would like to be able to add a vHost configuration without having to restart jboss. I have noticed that there is a createHost() method available via the jboss.web:type=server MBean in th jmx-console ... but Im either not using this method correctly or its just not working or Im possibly looking in the wrong place?

      Thanks for the help.

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          Eternal Phoenix Newbie

          I also tried the void addChild() Add a virtual host .. method with the jboss.web:type=Engine mBean which by its limited description seems that it should do what im looking for but when i try to invoke the method with a param value of "testapp1.local.com" it throws the following exception:

          root cause

          javax.management.IntrospectionException: Failed to find PropertyEditor for type: org.apache.catalina.Container