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    JBoss and log4j logging : Little more?

    vijendra singh Newbie

      I played with log4j upto a great extent.
      My required output was supposed to be, my own logging mechanism in which i should be able to create userlog.log name kind of different file and logs should generate in specific format(name#action#parameter) so that i can read the data easily.
      I am able to do in some jboss locations as i am testing in many servers before deploying.
      By modifying in log4j.xml based on appenders(File/Console).
      But in my local system i am unable to test it as here file appender is not working.
      I get a blank log file but things get logged in server.log here i can't get selective data in selective format.
      I don't know, i am missing any configuration or jboss server is having any problem or log4j.jar is having prob.
      For this i repalced many log4j.jar one by one and even set the classpath accordingly.But no benefit.
      Can anyone guide me what can be the cause of this.

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          vijendra singh Newbie

          I have found the cause why this is going wrong.
          I am facing problem with classloader while deploying many JSPWIki sites in my server. as many sites have same classes so i used classloader which was used earlier.
          My whole application is working but log4j got disabled. Now even in server.log i am unable to find any logs from where i can find out what is going wrong.What sholud i do to solve this issue. (Without classloader i.e. without using classloader in JSPWIKI.ear file my whole apliaction is working fine) but as many wiki having sam eclass structure i ned class loader to solve it. Now logs are not at all getting formed.I enabled log4j which is working in absence of classloader. what is wrong please suggest me something by which i can solve my problem


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            vijendra singh Newbie

            this is the error i root cause i am getting now.

            java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraints violated when linking org/xml/sax/ErrorHandler class

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              Eric Brown Newbie

              This is not a "Wiki Issue". I'm moving this to the proper forum: "Installation, Configuration & Deployment"