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    The one and only true JBoss installation

    Ralf Torsten Menche Newbie

      Dear All,

      Can someone please explain what the official (or at least preferred and recommended) way to install JBoss AS is?

      We have installed JBoss 4.0.5.GA from the zip (jboss-4.0.5.GA.zip) and with the installers (jems-installer-1.2.0.BETA3.jar and jems-installer-1.2.0.CR1.jar). All three (server/default) installations are different. The results from the installers differ only slightly (e.g. in-memory transaction manager). But the results from unpacking the zip seems to be totally different. The files in the zip are dated from 23.10.2006, while the files in the installers are from 17.10.2006. Over 200 files are changed in size and content.

      The problem with this is, that to install our own application based on the default (to be more precise, on a derived Messaging) configuration, we have to modify some configuration files from the installation. This is rather difficult to achieve automatically, if the original files differ depending on the way they have been installed.

      So, what is the installation method to put your money on for the future?

      Any comments welcome.

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          Wolfgang Koppenberger Newbie

          if you are using ejb3, hibernate... the only way to get it working is running the installer....

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            Ralf Torsten Menche Newbie

            Thanks for the answer. We do not actually need any of the features that are available only via the installer. Does this mean we should stick to the zip file?

            Some background information on the question: The problem is that we have two projects that have started off with the two different ways of installation in their development workspaces. Unfortunately, the customization procedures developed for one installation method does not work on the other one without nontrivial changes.

            To avoid this issue for future work, we would like to know what the recommended and future-proof installation method is.

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              Bas Ven Newbie

              There is now a GA version of the installer available that allows you to setup ha-jms etc including ejb3 and hibernate. Our product uses its own installer, so the way we work is that we place run the jboss installer once (using the installer by the way). Then roll those files into our installation so everyone gets the same files.

              My recommendation for your team would be to have 1 person install jboss and set it up. Zip that whole freaking thing and tell everyone to use that zip file.

              Kinda related question: is it possible to add one's services to the jems installer?