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    Install with 'all' option does not setup HA-JMS?

    Bas Ven Newbie

      When I run the installer and select the 'all' option, my ha-singleton directory is empty.
      When I download the zip and untar it, this directory contains the jms stuff.

      What is going on; I need the ejb3 and hibernate ( the clustered ejb3 option by the way does not setup HA-JMS correctly either)

      When running the installer am I supposed to manually setup HA-JMS; if so is it documented what to move from deploy to ha-singleton? ( I quickly tried to move the jms directory, but some services won't start because apparently the RARDeployment service isn't started (jms-ar.jar is there).

      Thanks for any info.

      (using 4.0.5)