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    SNMP Adapter Unknown Type Error

    Chris Bechberger Newbie

      I am trying to configure the snmp-adaptor to be able to retrieve via SNMP a value from one of our custom MBeans. The type of value I an trying to get is a java.lang.Float. Running snmpget for the OID I get the following error:

      INFO [SnmpAgentService] Unknown type for [oid=., mbean=portico.monitor:id=service/legacy, attr=mtIn60, rw=false]

      I have the following defination in my attributes.xml file:

      <!-- Legacy Adaptor Service Status -->
      <mbean name="portico.monitor:id=service/legacy" oid-prefix=".">

      The version of JBoss is 4.0.4GA.

      Does the SNMP adaptor not support java.lang.Float or am I doing something wrong?