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    jboss interprets 2 parameters in JAVA_OPTS as 1 string

    Francis Brouns Newbie

      I am using an application that runs on JBoss 3.2.6. The application provides a shell script to determine the current directory and sets 2 application parameters -D in JAVA_OPTS.

      JAVA_OPTS="-Dc.prefix=$DIRNAME/ -Dccsi.configuration=$DIRNAME/ccsi.xml"

      Then the script invokes bin/run.sh. This works properly on a Windows machine, but on Linux and Mac machines, the 2 parameters in JAVA_OPTS are seen as a single string.

      The only way I can get JBOSS to see this as 2 parameters is to edit bin/run.sh and remove the double quotes around JAVA_OPTS to execute the VM. Obviously this is not the correct way.

      How can the 2 parameters by passed to the application without having to change the JBoss installation?

      Thank you for any pointer.