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    Problem with classpath, wrong jar found

    Daryl Olson Newbie

      I am using a 3rd party API which uses Trove.jar.

      My application to is deployed in an EAR to JBoss AS. The EAR contains the version of the Trove.jar required by this 3rd party API. JBoss uses a different version of the Trove.jar.

      When I execute a method from the 3rd party API I get the following exception:

      java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: gnu.trove.TIntObjectIterator.next() Ljava/lang/Object

      The version of Trove.jar used by the 3rd part API contains the gnu.trove.TIntObjectIterator.next() method but the one used by JBoss does not.

      How do I get my application to use the correct version of Trove.jar?