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    CoExist JBoss4.0.5.GA with apache Tomcat

    Rupak Khurana Newbie

      EXperts :

      I have Apache Tomcat installed on my solaris machine. I want to install JBoss 4.0.5.GA and slowly migrate all my applications from Tomcat to JBoss. I installed JBoss, shutdown Tomcat, start JBoss - everything is good.

      But I want both to coexist for some time. So in the conf/jboss-service.xml, I uncommented the ServiceBindingManager property and tried with ports-01, ports-02 but I never get to make JBoss work. There are no exceptions reported when I start it with run.sh, I tried the URL http://:8180 or http://:8280 but I never see the JBoss welcome main page. I keep getting the page that says IE cannt display the page. Any clues? . I have even tried to manually change all the ports by prefixing 1 to them as advised in some of the posts I came across in Google but nothing helped.

      Pls help..