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    CPU Utilization for JBoss & Apache

    Sheenu Vasan Newbie

      Hello all,

      I'm trying to get information on CPU utilization for JBoss for a J2ee (web) application with 500 concurrent users and 5000 total users. It uses Struts, Oracle, JMS and little bit of web services.

      can anyone, please, point me some % about memory and cpu utilization of jboss for a requirement like the one mentioned above ? Any benchmarks already available ? We are looking for this information to decide the appropriate hardware (memory, CPU etc...) required for Production.

      Appreicate your help.


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          Elias Ross Master

          The best (and most fair) way to assess performance is to generate (simulate) it yourself. Depending how your code, Oracle setup, web site complexity, images, etc. performance may be radically different.

          • 2. Memory Utilization for JBoss on OpenSuSE
            Paul Jones Newbie

            On a related note, I have this question:

            We are running JBoss Application Server 4.0.5 GA on OpenSuSE 10.2 runing Sun Java 1.5.0 (from YaST) with the latest updates. The system has pletny of hard drive space in a RAID array, 2 2.2Ghz AMD CPUs, and 2GB memory.

            When I do a top on the system by itself, it starts out using less than 250 MB of memory. Upon starting JBoss, the JBoss server takes and additional GB of memory and then refusese to release it when the server is brought down.

            Any ideas


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              Yon Santos Newbie

              Hi...........i don´t know if you already has fixed your problem.......i´m going to tell you mine.

              When i run the JBOSS, the memory used always increase untill 200MB(+/-)
              When the users are running my program.....the memory grows and grows, untill they will stop to use the application.....but i don't know why, after that, the memory never decrease. I think i have configurated something wrong.... because the JBOSS never release memory.....then sometimes i must restart the server, because the Jboss memory is so high.

              If you know something about that, please tell me, ok?

              Of course if i know something, i will tell you as soon as possible.