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    Symlink Resouce bundles and symlinks

    David McCullars Newbie

      We're trying to upgrade to 4.0.5 but have hit a snag. We use Class.findResource and ResourceBundle.getBundle to locate properties files which exist in WEB-INF/classes. Because we have different environments (dev, stage, prod) we need multiple versions of these properties files. In order to keep from having a mess in source control, we have three distinct files and symlink to the correct file in the given environment. Previously with 4.0.1 this worked fine, but with 4.0.5 it can't locate the file. Removing the symlink and making a copy or even making a hard link works, but symlinks don't. Hard links is a workable solution, but it's not as desirable as symlinks b/c it looks like a distinct file, and that might be confusing.

      Here's what we have:

      WEB-INF/classes/Configuration.properties -> WEB/classes/Configuration.properties.prod