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    JBOSS & JBPM : Release Memory

    Yon Santos Newbie

      Hi people, how are you?

      I´m new in this Forum, and i have recently started to work with the Jboss.
      I´m going to tell you my problem.

      I have one webservice application running in the JBoss and connecting with the JPBM application to use the flows..... untill here all the things are succesfull. I can run my program without any problem...but when several users are invoking the Jboss creating new flows or interacting with the diferent nodes (of the flows).....the Jboss (Java.exe) memory grows and grows untill the application stops to run.

      The problem is that the Jboss after that, never release the memory...then day by day the memory used is increasing.

      I know in the diferent XML files, are variables about the TimeOut, KillerAliveTime...... but really i don´t know which variables have to be changed to release the memory.

      I hope, someone can help me as soon as possible.

      Thanks in advance and best regards.