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    Naming myeclipse projects for exploded deploy

    eirirlar Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm using myeclipse to develop jboss seam applications that are being deployed to a jboss application server. I've discovered a tutorial (http://www.karwell.com/apropos/equipe/JMP/seam_me_getting_started/) which describes how to do the example applications that comes with seam in myeclipse, using the myeclipse new project -> enterprise application project wizard.

      The tutorial states that you have to name your project modules like this:
      ear project: myproject.ear
      web project: myproject
      ejb project: myproject.jar

      This works fine for both packaged and exploded deployments on the jboss application server. When I do changes in my java classes in the ejb project, they are reflected on the deployed version of the application as expected.

      However, there's a bug in eclipse refactoring mechanism (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=171937) that causes renaming to fail when you .jar as the ejb project name ending (don't ask me why, I filed the bug and we'll see how it pans out). Renaming is a pretty nifty feature that I want to be able to use during development, so I'm looking for another naming policy that works well with exploded deployments.

      I've tried naming projects like this:
      ear project: myproject
      web project: myprojectWeb
      ejb project: myprojectEar

      With these names, myeclipse 1) suddenly doesn't recognize the taglibs I use in my facelets, and 2) changes in java files in the ejb project are not reflected when I refresh the part of the deployed application that uses the java classes. This confuses me, because I can actually see that the class files in the "deploy" directory of jboss are updated.

      So the big question is, has anyone come up with a decent naming policy for developing seam or ejb3 applications in myeclipse on jboss application server?

      Regards, Eirik