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    Enabling XDoclet for a project in JBoss Eclipse IDE 3.x

    Abhishek Singh Newbie

      XDoclet Problem!!!

      I'm a new user of JBoss. I download and installed JBoss AS and JBoss IDE as described in their respective docomentation. After that I started following the JBoss IDE tutorial, and created a J2EE 1.4 project in the IDE. In the tutorial, Chapter 5 : Generation of the EJB related files, procedure 5.1 : Enable XDoclet, I followed the procedure by opening the project properties. But to my surprise I saw no "XDoclet configurations" in the project properties page. Hence I could not go ahead with the tutorial.
      As I'm a newbie at JBoss, I hope that someone from the forum could help me to get out of this problem, as I'm stuck to it. I'm using Eclipse 3.2 on Fedora Core 6 system.
      Thanks in advance.