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    Empty server.log when booting

    Ian Dickinson Newbie

      I've recently installed JBoss 4.0.4GA onto an FC5 machine via JPackage. When I try to start the jboss4 service ('service jboss4 start'), I get a message

      Starting jboss4: [FAILED]
      Process crashed on startup

      From server.log it looked to be a problem with hsql, so I ensured that hsql was working ok, then, to try to minimise the noise, I deleted /var/log/jboss4/default/server.log before trying again, thinking that jboss would recreate the log file when it booted up. Now, I'm getting nothing at all written to that file when I try to start jboss (which is still failing with the error above).

      What would cause JBoss not to write anything at all to server.log? I've tried touching the server.log file to see if that kick starts the logging process, but nothing doing. I emphasise that I didn't change the JBoss configuration at all, only rm'ed server.log.

      Any help appreciated!