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    Correct use of application.xml entries for EAR that shares l

    Shea Phillips Newbie


      I am developing on JBoss AS 4.0.5GA and I am looking for a definitive answer to how to setup an EAR and its metadata. The EAR contains a single WAR (with a few of its own jars in WEB-INF/lib), a few EJB-JARs, and a number of plain JAR files some of which are used by both the EJB-JARs and the WAR.

      Initially, I had each of the plain JARs in the root of the EAR and referenced as s in my application.xml, but this is ugly to maintain and I suspect this should not be required. However, this was working fine.

      I removed the entries in the application.xml and I am now unable to deploy my app. Both the EJBs and the WAR (their deployers, I guess) are throwing ClassNotFoundExceptionS.

      I experimented with Class-Path entries in both the WAR and the EAR to explicitly reference the jars, but with no better results.

      So...I am frustrated and confused, since I found a reference on this forum that stated that including support JARs in the application.xml is incorrect. However, this is the only working configuration I have found so far. (I noted that the Seam examples do use this approach)

      Any guidance appreciated.