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    Performance issue on getter method of entity bean

    arovinth arovinth Newbie

      We are using BMP entity beans in our application deployed on Jboss3.2.7 server with commit Option ?A? for container

      Configuration in StandardJboss.xml on jboss conf folder.

      Whenever any getter method is called on entity bean, ejbStore () method is called.

      This causes performance drain in our application. Could any one please tell me why calling a getter method of entity Bean

      calls ejbstore () many times instead of ejbLoad ()?

      In our Project two applications are accessing the same database; due to this we changed the commit option in StandardJboss.xml

      To ?B?. In this scenario, the performance got still worse, since for each getter method invoked on bean, ejbLoad() and ejbStore() are called .

      Could anybody help me to figure out the solution to above problem? Is any other properties do I need to set to reduce the

      calls to ejbLoad() and ejbStore() many times?