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    Problem in installation JBoss-4.0.5GA

    Sahibzada Naseer  Muhamamd Newbie


      I am a new user of JBoss product. i have installed JBoss-4.0.5 on window system but when i run its run.bat file it gives and error

      incorrect option: -server

      jboss and java environment variables are set to their home directories...
      can any one tell me where is the problem and how to remove this problem..
      thanks in expectations....

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          Peter Johnson Master

          What JVM are you using? The '-server' option tells the java.exe to use the 'server' variant of the jvm.dll, as opposed to the 'client' variant. The JRE for Windows includes only the client variant of the JVM, you would have to download and install a JDK to get the 'server' variant. I suggest version 5.0_11. When you install it, do not install to 'Program Files', even though that is the default, Java apps tend to not like spaces in directory names. After you have it installed, set JAVA_HOME to where it is installed.