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    Problem with Struts 1.3.5 example struts-mailreader.war

    Kirill Shepitko Newbie


      Sorry, I'm a newbie in JBoss.
      I don't know, what's the problem with this example, but I guess JBoss has some difficulties with the deployment of this package.

      I have JBoss 4.0.5 GA installed on my workstation with Windows XP and J2EE 1.5_09.

      I just renamed the WAR to "struts.war", put it into the C:\jboss405GA\server\default\deploy\ folder, and started JBoss.

      When I've entered http://localhost:8080/struts/, the page shown was from the previous example WAR (also named struts.war), which was deleted ages ago. I also have cleared the C:\jboss405GA\server\default\tmp\deploy\ folder, but it doen't help: every time I start JBoss and go to http://localhost:8080/struts/, the old application resurrects.

      Maybe it's somehow cached in memory, but I cannot understand, why the new application is not loaded! The logs are clear, no errors:

      10:49:51,857 INFO [TomcatDeployer] deploy, ctxPath=/struts, warUrl=.../tmp/deploy/tmp17615struts-exp.war/
      10:49:52,763 INFO [[/struts]] action: []: Verifying ModuleConfig for this module
      10:49:52,763 INFO [[/struts]] action: []: Verification of ModuleConfig has been completed
      10:49:52,779 INFO [MemoryDatabasePlugIn] Initializing memory database plug in from '/WEB-INF/database.xml'
      10:49:52,810 INFO [ValidatorPlugIn] Loading validation rules file from '/WEB-INF/validator-rules.xml'
      10:49:52,810 INFO [ValidatorPlugIn] Loading validation rules file from '/WEB-INF/validation.xml'

      If the same app gets deployed to Tomcat 5.0.28, there're no problems! Works fine.

      Can someone help me?