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    Need of an application parameter definition

    Laurent Gousenbourger Newbie

      I work with several ear packages deployed in the deploy directory.

      In the application, I need to define and use different variables:
      1. variables with a WAR scope: these variables are defined in the web.xml of the corresponding WAR file and are accessible only in that WAR file,
      2. variables with an application scope: these variables should be defined somewhere in the EAR and should be accessible only in the EAR where they are defined. The other EARs should not have access to it.
      3. variables with a JVM scope: these variables are defined in the properties-services.xml in the deploy directory and are accessible in the whole instance of JBOSS. All the EARs can access these variables.

      For points 1 and 3, it is OK, JBOSS can handle it.

      For point 2, I have an issue. JBOSS doesn't handle it. In BEA Weblogic for example, there is a BEA specific configuration descriptor, which is included in the EAR, that allows to define application variables. These variables cover the requiments I have.

      Will JBOSS handle such variable in a near future? If yes, when? If no, how can I implement that scenario?