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    Cycle Log Files

    jk;l jkl; Expert

      Is there a way from the web console, JMX console, or any other way of getting JBoss to cycle its server.log file while it is still running (i.e. move server.log to server-something.log and create a new, empty server.log)?

      I ask because right now it only does it once a day.

      Is there the capability to do it on demand, so that when looking through it for errors I only see errors related to a certain, predetermined amount of time?

      I tried deleting server.log while the server is running but of course it says the file is in use and won't let me delete it. And even if it did, would it create a new server.log in its place?

      I really hope there's a way to do this. Thanks.

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          jk;l jkl; Expert

          Right now what I'm doing is stopping the server everytime I'd like to have a clean server.log, deleting the log, starting the server again so I can separate issues without having to do so visually when looking at the log file.

          Alternatively, are there JBoss-specific log utilities that make it easy to visually distinguish what's happening in the log based on time, etc?