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    different hostnames to different applications?

    Linus Newbie

      I'm pretty new to Jboss and I hope you can help me whit my problem..

      I's it possible to bind different hostnames to different applications??
      I runnig Jboss AS 4.0.5 on a Linux server that are configured whit 3 different ip's / hostnames

      eth0 server.test.net
      eth0:1 app1.test.net
      eth0:2 app2.test.net

      the applications is placed in

      If I use my webbrowser and go to any of those url's the applications works fine!

      server.test.net/app1 or app2
      app1.test.net/app1 or app2
      app2.test.net/app1 or app2

      The problem is that I want to point the app-hostnames to the applications they belong to..

      app1.test.net to app1
      app2.test.net to app2

      I's it possible? How can I do this?? I have tried to google for an solution but I did not find anything good :(

      Please help me..