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    The ultimate linux distro for jboss?

    Håvard H Newbie


      What is the ultimate, free OS for running jboss 4?

      We're now going to set up a new server for running jboss 4. Have tried to run jboss 4.0 on Gentoo for a while, but version 4 is not supported by the gentoo package system, and I have not been able to get jboss run as a daemon in gentoo. I want to try another distro, i.e. ubuntu, debian etc. (I don't like gentoo that much)

      It must be easy to maintain, so I'd prefer a OS that is able to install jboss via a package system.

      Any suggestions? I've been searching around for a while now, but couldn't find any good answers..


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          Peter Goetz Newbie


          I've never tried to get JBoss via a package system, but maybe Red Hat offers that (look to the upper left corner -> JBoss - a division of Red Hat :) ).
          But why do you want to get it via a package system? You just have to unzip te folder with the jboss installation to get it installed. Change the run.sh to point to your jdk and you're ready. If you want to grade your system up you have to do a lot of handwork anyway, because you have to put your config-files to the new system. The rest is only the unzip of the new archive. To get this a bit more easy, you could define another deploy directory just for your config files. Then you just have to copy that to the new server and change the Deployment Scanner in conf/jboss-service.xml.