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    starting JBoss from other Java App

    Amogh Chitnis Newbie


      I want to start JBoss from my Java app so that both JBoss and my Java app exist in the same JVM. My Java app also needs to call methods on EJBs deployed in JBoss.
      I tried the easiest way of calling the main method of org.jboss.Main class in the run.jar and modifing the run.bat to start my main class instead of JBoss'. This works fine till my app tries to lookup a Session Bean. Then I get a ClassNotFoundException for org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory. I understand that a JBoss EJB client has to have these classes in its classpath. When I add these classes in the classpath in the run.bat file, the JBoss startup fails. This seems to be a classloader issue.

      Does anyone know of a method of integrating JBoss in your appication? Is there documentation available for this?

      Thanks in advance.