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    Disabling Clustering in Jboss Application Server

    Craig William Newbie

      I am using jboss-4.0.4.GA for JBoss Messaging.
      If any other server is started ,it automatically joins the cluster environment.
      I want to disable the joing of new server with my server( Server on which JBoss Messaging is running).
      Please tell me a way to disable to cluster participation of JBoss App Servers.

      I have pasted the log which i get when another Jboss Server pariciaptes the cluster

      14:00:47,626 INFO [DefaultPartition] Suspected member: ABC044690:2301 (additional data: 19 bytes)
      14:00:47,626 INFO [DefaultPartition] New cluster view for partition DefaultPartition (id: 39, delta: -1) : []
      14:00:47,658 INFO [DefaultPartition] I am ( received membershipChanged event:
      14:00:47,658 INFO [DefaultPartition] Dead members: 1 ([])
      14:00:47,658 INFO [DefaultPartition] New Members : 0 ([])
      14:00:47,658 INFO [DefaultPartition] All Members : 1 ([])
      14:03:17,706 INFO [DefaultPartition] New cluster view for partition DefaultPartition: 40 ([,] delta: 1)
      14:03:17,706 ERROR [NAKACK] sender at index 1 in digest is null
      14:03:17,738 INFO [DefaultPartition] Merging partitions...
      14:03:17,738 INFO [DefaultPartition] Dead members: 0

      Please do reply me back