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    Upgrading Server, SQL Server, JBoss, Java, JDBC for Large sc

    Edward Hermanson Newbie

      Hi. We are preparing to migrate a large(over a million lines of code) Java(beans, JSP servlets etc) reporting application from Windows NT to Windows 2003 Server, MSSQL server 7 to 2005, Jboss 3.02 to 4.04, Java 1.4 to 1.5(5) and JTurbo JDBC driver 3 to 2005. I am not the original developer and have only a couple of years working with Java to support this app. Believe it or not I am having a hard time finding any kind of concise documentation on such a migration. There is plenty of info on general installation and configuration but I am looking for anything more specific. Any help would be appreciated.

      I am mostly concerned with redeploying the application files in the new JBoss file structure, making sure I map it all corectly. Also wondering about the login/JBoss Authentication and Realms. Can the Realm name be the same as before if it is on a different server? If I use a different JDBC driver I will have to change the string anywhere the reference exists to the old driver correct?

      If anyone has any links on potential issues that might come up (I assume others have done this before) that would help. Thanks.