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    overriding jboss configuration

    Jacek Kowalski Newbie


      There is a file: standardjboss.xml
      This file contains JBoss configuration. But there is a posibility to override some properties by adding element <container-configurations> to jboss.xml file from META-INF of our archive, example:

       <container-configuration extends "(name of proper configuration)">

      This example will change pooling configuration.

      And here i have some questions:

      This configuration is written in jboss.xml file. Does this mean that configuration will be overridden only for beans in this specific archive?

      Lets suppose i have an application contains 5 jar files. Configuration is overridden in only one jboss.xml file. This configuration sets new pooling properties for stateless session beans, but i have stateless session beans in all 5 jar files. So deas this mean that specific configuration will be in force only for beans from this one jar file?

      Thank you for your reply in advance :)