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    JBoss + JavaService + Java 1.5 issue

    Christopher Sallemi Newbie

      The problem I am encountering is the following:

      The machine that I am using that has JBoss Application Server installed has both Java 1.4 and Java 1.5. However, the application on JBoss that I have deployed needs 1.5 to run. When using JavaService to create a JBoss windows service I initially pointed JavaService utlitiy to the JDK1.4 jvm.dll and the service is created successfully however the application that I deployed gives errors bc it needs Java 1.5.... this is expected

      However, when I create the JBoss windows serivce using JavaService and point it to the Java 1.5 jvm.dll I get that the service has been created successfully as well but, when I go and start the service through the Windows service manager I get the following window, "the JBoss service started then stopped, Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do".

      Is Windows Service compatible with Java 1.5 ? Also I saw that if you point to Java from Program Files when calling the JavaService utility that the space b/w the words could potentially give an error. I removed the space and still the service was installed properly but when I went to start it I got the same error message.

      It also doesn't seem that JavaService is logging anything either which is making this problem difficulty to resolve. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be the issue?


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          Peter Johnson Master

          It probably still has to do with how the JVM is being referenced. Do one of the following. Uninstall the JDK and reinstall it somewhere other than Program Files, then try installing the JavaService again. Or post the contents of the registry at HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\
          JBoss\Parameters (assuming that "jboss" is the service name.

          Even if you post the registry contents I still highly recommend moving the JDK out of Program Files.