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    Trying to build JBoss5



      I?m trying to build JBoss5 (from SVN trunk HEAD).

      I?m sitting behind a proxy and already managed to include a local.properties where the proxy is set and some remote .xml files are downloaded without problems.

      But after the first few files are downloaded, an error occurred:

      JBoss5/build/build.xml: The following error occurred while executing this line:
      Jboss5/build/build-thirdparty.xml:143: Unable to get remote file: JBoss5/thirdparty/apache-avalon-logkit/component-info.xml url=http://repository.jboss.com/apache-avalon-logkit/1.2/component-info.xml

      As I said before the proxy-settings are working for some previous files. If I access the file in a webbrowser i have no problem downloading it.

      Anyone can help me getting the build running?

      Markus Döring

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          I had the same error, in component-matrix.pom I chnaged





          So the jar could be found.