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    build error: thirdparty\jboss\aop\component-info.xml:1: Cont

    Andrew Redhead Newbie

      I'm trying to build jboss 4 from the source (I want to build a test case for a specific ejb3 problem and I'd like to use as much of what already exists as possible).

      I've followed the instructions at:


      These boil down to using cvs to do a checkout of:

      cvs co -r Branch_4_0 jboss-4.0.x

      then going to the build directory and running build - I get that far no problem.

      The problem is that the build task finishes with an error:

      jboss-4.0.x\thirdparty\jboss\aop\component-info.xml:1: Content is not allowed in prolog.

      Which, if coming from an xml processor is not unreasonable as the contents of that file is:

      a352a1e9b02f9d56fecf3c672f741583 ./jboss/aop/1.5.1.snapshot/component-info.xml

      which is not very xmlish at all...

      Its been a long couple of weeks so its perfectly possible that I've missed something really obvious...

      Anyone has any idea what I need to do to get the build working?