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    Jboss 4.2.0CR only binds to localhost

    Paul Risenhoover Newbie

      HI All,

      I've installed the latest 4.2.0CR build and deployed my application onto a server (neon). I have a mod_jk connector running on a firewall (nitrox) that dispatches connections to the instance running on neon.

      The problem is that whereas Jboss 4.0.xCR would bind to all interfaces by default, it appears that 4.2.0CR binds only to localhost.

      With 4.2.0 running (and configured out of the box), an nmap of localhost shows it's listening on port 8009, but an nmap of shows it's not listening.

      I've tried a number of ways to get the AJP connector to listen on all interfaces but they all seem to fail.

      This works, but of course it requires me to hard-code it:

      So what happened -- was there a policy decision made where somebody decided that the connector should only listen on localhost by default?