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    <t:inputCalendar> doesn't work with Ajax4jsf / RichFaces

    Thai Dang Vu Apprentice

      Hello everybody,

      I have this line

      <t:inputCalendar value="#{role.birthDay}" renderAsPopup="true" />

      in an xhtml file which is included in another xhtml file (which has no nor tag) with a4j:include. When I clicked the ... button in order to show the calendar, nothing happens and I got a warning in the log file:

      WARN html.util.DefaultAddResource:764 - Response has no or tag.

      I tried another page without facelets tags, the calendar showed up but the dates inside were incorrect

      My environment:
      - jsf 1.2_04-b10-p01
      - java 6
      - tomcat 6
      - a4j 1.1.1 snapshot
      - richfaces 3.0.1 snapshot
      - facelets 1.1.12
      - tomahawk 1.1.5 snapshot

      If you want to try my example, it's here (http://download.yousendit.com/A72EA168538FAABF) (everything in the web folder is ready to be copied to a folder in tomcat\webapps and run).