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    quicker deploy?

    Tom Eugelink Newbie

      The application I need to maintain contains 3 webapps. An ANT script is used in order to create 3 WARs, then wrap that in an EAR and copy that to the deploy directory. First JBoss is stopped and started afterwards.

      A whole cycle takes more than 1 minute.

      As a developer I'm not pleased with having to wait a full minute to be able to test a change. But I cannot seem to find a way to speed this up, e.g.:
      - Skip the EAR / WAR creation and have jboss access the build directory with separate files directly.
      - Just reload one webapp (like Tomcat does) instead of stopping and starting all services.

      Is there really no way to speed this up?

      I tried using JBossIDE, but the plugin refuses to create a new jboss configuration, so I'm opting for "remote debugging".