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    [JBoss-5.0.0Beta2] PostgreSQL DataSource problems

    Arnaud Vandyck Newbie


      I'm trying to install JBoss 5.0.0Beta2 with a PostgreSQL DataSource.

      There was a failure at JBoss startup, trying to create qrtz_job_details. AFAIK (but I'm not an expert), there is no BINARY type in PostgreSQL but 'bytea'. Here is the SQL code to create the table:

      CREATE TABLE qrtz_job_details
       job_name varchar(80) NOT NULL,
       job_group varchar(80) NOT NULL,
       description varchar(120),
       job_class_name varchar(128) NOT NULL,
       is_durable varchar(1) NOT NULL,
       is_volatile varchar(1) NOT NULL,
       is_stateful varchar(1) NOT NULL,
       requests_recovery varchar(1) NOT NULL,
       job_data bytea,
       CONSTRAINT qrtz_job_details_pkey PRIMARY KEY (job_name, job_group)

      Now, I have problems with another relation: jbm_tx.

      Where can I find the SQL source so I could try to replace it for PostgreSQL?