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    Need some suggestions/guideline on GUI design!

    damar thapa Newbie


      I need some suggestions/guidelines for my GUI design. I was developing a simple application of few classes with JSF and facelets. After seeing some cool stuff of RichFaces, I have decided to try this on the application.

      My plan is:

      (1) I have classes, like Student, Course etc. , for which I would like to use tabPanel (so I will have Student and Course tabPanels in this case).

      (2) Each class has its own methods like add new records, import etc. (Add new students, import students, list students etc. in the case of Student class). I would like to implement these methods in the relevant tabPanels ? a menu on the left with ?Add new student?, ?Import students?, ?List students? etc. on the left and relevant form, datatable on the right.

      I have two questions: (i) For (2) above (menu on the left and the relevant form/table on the right), can you suggest me which component/s would be better option?
      (ii) How do I implement the page navigation? After inputting the detail of a new student, I press ?Save? button, and I have to give relevant message to the user (if the saving process is success or not!). Do I use pop-up window, or any other (better) options?

      Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

      With regards,