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      I have deployed two war files app1 and app2. I have two jboss server configurations too. For app1 i have defined bean-1 in the application_context.xml inside war file of app1. For app2 i have defined bean-2 in the application_context.xml inside war file of app2. Whhile deployemnt there were no issues.

      I try to get response through a SOAP client for the app2 for the URL "http://localhost:/app2/. But i get the "org.springframework.beans.factory.NoSuchBeanDefinitionException: No bean named xxx is defined" where xxx is a bean belonging to app1. How come this is possible. But when i defined the same bean "bean2" in the app2's application_context.xml, it works fine. But the bean2 is instantiated twice.
      Since in application_context.xml i have initialised bean2 as LAZY_INIT =false..

      Please help me out on this !!