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      Hy Guys!

      I changed the datascroller in my pages from myfaces datascroller to richfaces one, bacause of the errror with the duplicated id from the myfaces-datascroller when using ajax4jf.

      But there are 2 strange behaviours, if i customize the richfaces datascroller:

      -) Adding facets:
      I tried it with all facets ("first", "last", "next", "previous", "fastforward", "fastrewind"), but neither text from outputText nor image from graphicImage is displayed. Only the automatic-created site-links (1,2,3,...) are readable.
      This bevaviour looks like similar to a message you can read here _> http://jboss.com/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=105808

      -) adding the attribute renderIfSinglePage - setting to false:
      If dataTable contains more than 1 Page, all is ok (datascroller is rendered in the right way).
      But if there is only 1 Page, it seems that scroller-component also will be generated but is empty! --> You can see border and background of the scoller (also html-code of the scroller in the source-code of the page).
      So, is the scroller always visible, even if i set the attribute to false? For me it would be better , that datascoller should not be rendered, if the list of the table only contains one defined page.