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    how to generate "server-config.wsdd" in JBossIde ??

    Thomas Görge Newbie

      if have a problem with the JBoss ide! when I build a bottom-up webservice jboss generate all needed files except the "server-config.wsdd"-file!! so i tried the same using tomecat5.5-sever instead of the jboss-server and all files are created including the server-config.wsdd file! what is the problem with JBoss?

      the config file is needed cause i allways get an error message when i try to call the webservice without it! "exception: The AXIS engine could not find a target service to invoke! targetService is null"
      the error is definitive caused by the lacking file, because everything works fine after copying it from the Webservice who uses tomecat to the one who uses jboss.
      how can i configure JBoss so that it creates the server-config.wsdd file, too?? Or is that not possible?

      if you need it, i use:

      thx for help!

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          Thomas Görge Newbie

          is there no one who knows how you get jBoss to generate the server-config.wsdd file?? I searched for it and think now that it is axis which is responsible for creating it, but isn't axis used by both: jboss and tomecat?

          i wonder why i'm the only one who has the problem here, does noone use the jBoss-IDE + jBoss4.2.0-server to create WebServices?? Or is there another way to get them work without the server-config file?

          Sorry if i wrote anything stupid but I'm new to jBoss and J2ee programming and need your help cause i can't start any of my createt WebServices!
          so plz help!

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            Elias Ross Master

            It's pretty simple to create that file using an ant script. Why not try looking for info on this? Might not be done through the IDE.

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              Thomas Görge Newbie

              ok thx, i was just wondering why the file is created with tomecat automatically and with jBoss not. Cause at the beginning it looks like tomecat is better cooperating with the jBossIDE then jBoss itself, but ok maybe jBoss don't has this functionality and it has to be done with an ant script.