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    Problem deploying EJB3 application with JBOSS IDE 2.0

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      I?m trying to execute an servlet created with Jboss IDE 2.0 for Eclipse and JBOSS 4.0.4. The servlet calls na Stateless EJB 3.0. The compilation is sucessfull and I don?t have any error message during the Jboss statup. It happens that when I type the URL ?http://localhost:8080/TestInstallation/testStatetelessEJB? in Firefox i get the foolowing:

      HTTP Status 404 - /TestInstallation/testStatetelessEJB
      type Status report
      message /TestInstallation/testStatetelessEJB
      description The requested resource (/TestInstallation/testStatetelessEJB) is not available.
      Apache Tomcat/5.5.17

      The TestInstallation.war and TestInstallation.ejb3 files were generated and deployed with the Jboss IDE. I looked at the Jboss folder after I started it and noticed there is a TestInstallation folder inside ?C:\softs\jboss-4.0.4.GA\server\default\work\jboss.web\localhost? but the only content of the folder is a file tldCache.ser. The class file for the servlet is located only in a tmp folder. The TestInstallation.war and TestInstallation.ejb3 are placed in the ?C:\softs\jboss-4.0.4.GA\server\default\deploy? folder.

      As I said, I?m not getting any error message at the server startup nor when I type the servlet URL.

      Below is the log of the server startup.

      15:57:00,516 INFO [SettingsFactory] Default entity-mode: pojo
      15:57:00,594 INFO [SessionFactoryImpl] building session factory
      15:57:01,016 INFO [SessionFactoryObjectFactory] Not binding factory to JNDI, no JNDI name configured
      15:57:01,031 INFO [NamingHelper] JNDI InitialContext properties:{java.naming.factory.initial=org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory, java.naming.factory.url.pkgs=org.jboss.naming:org.jnp.interfaces}
      15:57:01,109 INFO [JmxKernelAbstraction] installing MBean: jboss.j2ee:jar=TestInstallation.ejb3,name=TestStatelessBean,service=EJB3 with dependencies:
      15:57:01,109 INFO [JmxKernelAbstraction] persistence.units:jar=TestInstallation.ejb3.jar,unitName=shoestringPU
      15:57:01,469 INFO [EJBContainer] STARTED EJB: test.ejbs.TestStatelessBean ejbName: TestStatelessBean
      15:57:01,625 INFO [EJB3Deployer] Deployed: file:/C:/softs/jboss-4.0.4.GA/server/default/deploy/TestInstallation.ejb3
      15:57:01,687 INFO [TomcatDeployer] deploy, ctxPath=/jmx-console, warUrl=.../deploy/jmx-console.war/
      15:57:01,953 INFO [Http11BaseProtocol] Starting Coyote HTTP/1.1 on http-localhost%2F127.0.0.1-8080
      15:57:02,140 INFO [ChannelSocket] JK: ajp13 listening on localhost/
      15:57:02,219 INFO [JkMain] Jk running ID=0 time=0/141 config=null
      15:57:02,234 INFO [Server] JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [4.0.4.GA (build: CVSTag=JBoss_4_0_4_GA date=200605151000)] Started in 34s:29ms
      15:57:22,030 INFO [TomcatDeployer] deploy, ctxPath=/TestInstallation, warUrl=.../tmp/deploy/tmp22996TestInstallation-exp.war/

      I opened the ?JBOSS? AS perpective of Eclipse before but returned it to the Java default. I also run the server in Debug mode before but now I?m running in Normal mode. Do you think these changes affected the environment and may be causing these problems? I already deleted and recreated the server inside Eclipse but it didn?t solve the problem.

      I would appreciate any help.

      Thank you very much.