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    ~~JBoss Hot Deployment~~

    xxx yyy Newbie

      How can i make the Hot Deployment enabled in JBoss. I have a application which is like a java editor deployed in JBoss.

      Now the problem is:
      Step 1)I have saved a java file named "Class-1" then compiled to produce the class file.
      Step 2)Exported the java file to my physical hard disk. i.e. Backup
      Step 3)Run the java file. Then Deleted the java file. This deletes the class file. But the memory still has the class file loaded onto its cache.
      Step 4)Now, I import back the same java file But make lot of changes and save it in the same name as the previous java file "Class-1".
      Step 5) Now, when i run the java file, the memory is loading the older java class. This is by Class.forName("Class-1",false,ClassLoader);
      Step 6) Is there anything i can do to load the newer java class without restarting the server.

      Can hot deployment be usefull, if so Please help me out on how can we bring hot deployment into picture.

      Thanks !!