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    DST and JBOSS Scheduler

    kaymen Ji Newbie


      I have a jboss service which built on top of JBOSS scheduler. It used to work fine with JDK1.5.0_06 and JBOSS4.0.3SP1. When each time I mannually changed "InitialStartDate" in JMX MBean View to trigger my service, it will work well.

      However, from this March 2007, because of DST(daytime saving time) change, this "InitialStartDate" doesn't work correctly. According to the JBOSS wiki website, I have updated my JDK1.5.0_06 to JDK1.5.0_11. I am pretty sure JDK1.5.0_11 will calculate time correctly as SUN website stated that CANADA REGRION SHOULD USE JDK1.5.0_09 UP(I am in Canada). And still using the JBOSS4.0.3SP1.

      To enable this "InitialStartDate" trigger my service, I have to set one hour back to make this service be triggered.

      That means JBOSS "InitialStartDate" didn't calculate the time correctly in DST even using new JDK. Could anyone help me?

      I ever tried latest JBOSS release 4.2.0??, ? still have to set one hour back to trigger my service.