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    Spring Acegi + RichFaces

    etienno Newbie


      I need to integrate the very popular Spring ACEGI security layer on the RichFaces Components. I need to integrate a login page functionality and a Components filtering functionality.

      Strange enough, I didn't find any documentation, or answered post, on this issue, neither from the Spring or JBoss site.

      What is the best way to do it?

      For the Login page functionality, I will probably use the Acegi Servlet Filter, or something like that.

      For the Component filtering, my first idea is to simply use the "rendered" attribute on all RichFaces Component to call an "acegiSpringBeanAware.isAvailable()" to hide or show Components accordingly to the user role?

      Is there a more pluggable fashion way to do theses requirements? Did anyone found a way to do it?