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    Hot Deployment of a war causes jboss to hang

    Kannan Ekanath Newbie

      I have a web application (war) running in JBOSS 4.2.0. There is a scheduled job which updates the war file (after checking out from SVN and doing some packaging) and has to deploy it to the server.

      The docs seem to say that there is a URLScanner scanning the deploy directory every 5 seconds. The scheduled batch job just copies the updated war file to the {server_name}\deploy directory.

      I can see that the jboss server is trying to deploy the war file that I have, the log file says,
      Deploying myapp.war ....from tmp\myapp143..war and then hangs there.

      The server doesnt serve any requests for other apps, I am not able to restart the server, basically I have to manually stop and start the server manually.

      Can someone point me to rough hints as to what is going on?