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    hot deployment of ear updates

    Andre Parodi Newbie


      I have a ear that contains wars, sars and jars (ejb jars and pojo jars).

      I am developing in jboss ide and have written my own ant script to build and package all the various packages into a single ear for deployment.

      During development I would like to use the exploded ear/hot deployment capabilities of jboss. In particular I want to be able to update one of the jars or wars in the ear and have that particular service or pojo's reloaded without reloading the whole ear.

      Is this possible?

      How do I do this? I have tried deploying the ear unpacked in a myEarName.ear directory with the packaged jars inside that directory but updating the jars doesn't reload them. I have also tried deploying the ear unpacked into a myEarName.ear directory and the jars exploded in directories in there so i have:

      With all of these attempts i have been so far unseccessful in getting jboss to reload the resources. In fact I have tried touching the application.xml file of the root ear and that doesn't even relead the ear. So I am not sure whether I am missing something obvious.

      jboss 4.0.5
      URLList=jboss.system:service=[file:/C:/Dev/jboss-4.0.5.GA/server/default/deploy/] => which is where my myEarName.ear is

      BTW when I first copy the ear directory into the deploy directory it gets deployed ok. but I cannot get it to be redeployed after an update.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks