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    how to separate listening port on JMX console and my web app

    kaymen Ji Newbie

      Hi All,

      My boss want me to do the following:
      access my web application through port 8080, but access JBOSS JMX console through 9090. And boss want to enable the firewall. So only open the port 8080 for users outside firewall to access my web application. And whoever want to access JBOSS JMX console have to sit inside firewall. That means I have to configure JBOSS to listening 2 different TCP port for both JMX and my application.

      I read a lot of jboss documents, I could not find a way to configure multiple TCP ports for different application. Currently I access JMX and my web application both through port 8080(default).

      For sure, I don't think I can use virtual host, that is still actually go through the same port for different applications.

      Can anyone give me some idea? Thanks!

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          Tobias Frech Apprentice

          You might be able to setup a second http connector for port 9090. But then both, 8080 and 9090 will serve both jmx-console and your web-app.
          My advice is to convince your boss that using a "Remote Address Filter" or a "Remote Host Filter" in front og the jmx-console is the best solution for now.

          Alternativly you could try to start a separate tomcat on 9090 (stand alone) with an JMX-application that accesses JBoss via JMX remote. I don't know if such a app exists.